Thursday, June 14, 2012

Compassion, Kindness, humility, gentleness & Patience

...Recently I've found myself reflecting on these items daily.  I'm a very optimistic person, I believe the vibes you put out into the world are directly reflective of what you receive in return. Maybe I'm just tricking myself into a happy life, or maybe this is a bunch of crap but to me it has made my life so much more rewarding to be enthusiastic about the people in my life and their achievements.

Outdoor season honestly has not gone the way I had originally envisioned it to go. In each of my steeplechases something has fallen apart. Whether it be my fault, someone else's miscalculation or the universe being mad at me it doesn't really matter. There are no excuses. 2010 was such a year of perfection of where I had come from and where I was going; so to have theses races now has been very cumbersome. Now I say that, look back at it and think wow, without theses mishaps I may not be set up to enjoy and tactfully execute greatness when the time comes. The truth of it all is that I'm in great shape so that's what becomes frustrating when not performing at my highest.

Going into the last few weeks of preperation for the Olympic Team Trials I'm actually feeling mentally and physically the most focused and ready as I ever have been for a national championship. I'm so thankful things are falling into place and that I'm showing up to the starting line without a hitch. I know in the past I have trained hard early peaked early and tried to hang on. I really think we've timed it perfectly this time. Life is all about timing ALWAYS.

I've moved from Flagstaff to Park City, Utah. It felt like the right thing to do leading up to the trials. I'm able to be around both of my coaches and I am not working 30-40 hours a week plus training(: I'm big believer of following my heart and listening to it as much as possible when the options are tangible and reasonable. The reality of the matter is that I have been searching for a big, heaping, missing piece of myself; a piece where my true talent and passion thrives. It's a good time to feel great and I'm so thankful for the opportunities as these may be my last couple steeplechases. Running at this level has been amazing. I also think I'm close to reaching my potential in my event; a goal I set out to reach when I started this professional running thing. I feel good about the realization of this. It makes me feel very at peace and happy. I feel such a strong force pushing me forward into the coaching realm right now and I'm super excited to pursue that endeavor when the opportunity comes. I will be living the dream I originally set out to achieve; although I've enjoyed the beautiful ride along the way!

                                   Hanging out with Carly and Shelbo at the Condo in PHX

                                          The view from the place I stayed in Park City, Utah

                              Rail Trail and Linds and I at Olympic Park.. "Light the Fire Within"

                                         My First Road Mile and Win in Edmonton, Alberta!

Some of my friends in Salt Lake!

My best friend Kellie and her new born beautiful baby boy Northman!


  1. I am so proud of you!!!

    I can't... I just can't...

  2. Great, great post. Best to you - Josh Logan

  3. Just wanted to drop a quick line that your blog is fantastic...very inspiring. If you're remotely interested, I have a blog about my first marathon attempt, which happens to be the Boston :)