Monday, February 13, 2012

Positivity, PR's and No Problems

Baby Sis, Shelby and me after our first ever track race show Down(: at the Dempsey.. we both came out on top(2 PR's and a Sun Devil School record)!

The girls after our races! (Me, Dawn and Linds)

Here we GO! All aboard! Yep, we're back on the PR train folks. I'm so stoked with the process that is currently happening in my life. I enjoy each and every opportunity to get on the track and improve a little bit more, each stride of the way. I'm currently in a strength phase of things which makes it a little bit tougher to sprint at the end of a race. For example, earlier in the week I've done a 2 hour run with a fast progression in the middle, plus the 70 or 75 miles I've ran during the week on top of that! I'm sure not complaining about it though these workouts are pertinent to what will come later(June 25th and 29th). I'm feeling stronger and strangely more confident than ever. This weekend taught be a few good racing techniques to take with me to USA Indoor Championships in 2 weeks. What are those? 1. Committ and say 'Yes' the instant a move is made in the race(no hesitation). 2. Be an Ass kicker(sorry for the language but it goes back to my Northern Iowa roots). The mental aspects of my races have been tough now for almost a year but I have to go back to where I came from and remember how to do things the right way. My workouts are where they should be for this time of year so now is the time to put it all together. In both of my races I responded very well but was a little hesitant and at the end when I should have kicked I didn't. Now is the perfect time to learn from my mistakes with just under 2 weeks to go to USA's! I'm stoked, I'm committed and ready to say 'Yes'. Hope y'all are aboard when the train leaves(:


  1. Really enjoyed watching you race at Dempsey last weekend. You looked strong and confident!

  2. One of the most amazing things about you is your mental capacity. You are so good at saying the right things to yourself in order to stay in the game. Keep up the amazing work. You still have a lot of PRs to set! ~Rhielle

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