Friday, March 9, 2012

"A person like me can't be stopped. If I put it in my mind they can't stop me... Ain't gonna stop me"- Friday Night Lights

It's time to discuss what's going on currently in my life and let's finally talk about the U.S. Indoor Championships. For those of you that have not seen the 3k, check it out here on RunnerSpace:
Obviously, I lead for most of this race. When I saw the start of the race developing into a 10 minute 3k race, I wasn't interested anymore in my initial race plan(hanging out for the first mile then hammering with everything I had). I immediately laughed; then got to work on clipping off :76's, what I thought would be fairly realistic for me to run at 5,200ft. Once the group caught up to me my mental and physical capacities were blindsided. I gave into the pain of altitude and crumbled slightly but had I not gone for it I would have never gone to that dark place. This was important in my training because I have only been on the track for workouts a handful of times during this indoor season so each race has been another opportunity to test my fitness and get a little bit more fit. The following day in the 1500 I was able to execute a proper race plan coach Kep and I pieced together. I went with 600 to go, made moves on the straight aways and hit a huge freakin wall with 300 meters to go!!! I absolutely had nothing left! It was great!

The following week I was to continue training but that huge wall I hit took a few bricks out of me. I decided to listen to my precious body and give it some rest. I saw my massage therapist, Monica. She fixed my SI joint. It had been out for a few weeks leading up to USA's but I didn't wanna do anything out of the ordinary so I just dealt with the pain. I'm back on course now. First hill workout in awhile today, long run with progression in the middle on Sunday, light threshold Tuesday followed by a lil steeplechase track session Friday night in beautiful, warm Tempe! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

XX -ShayShay

The view at 7,600ft after my hill workout this morning!

I also celebrated my 27th birthday while in Albuquerque(:

200 meter into the 3k when I suddenly realized my race plan was changing before my eyes!

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  1. I think you took the lead just to hear your name called a ton! haha Really though, great race. It's hard to sit back and wait, I have that same issue. The smirk on your face is great as well.

    Anyway, happy birthday and hope the year treats you well! 27 isn't so bad!